First of all, let's get this out there: The Workhorsery loves you. Maybe you are thinking that it is impossible for a publishing company to love you, but we do. Don't try to reason this one through; just take a moment to bask.

Now that you have basked, let us tell you why we love you. We love you because, like us, you have spent so many years tortured by the traumatic landscape of Canadian fiction. Some of this trauma is beautiful and you weep as you read it, in love with the characters, broken-hearted at their losses. But with novel after novel filled with young girls coming of age in times of trouble, families at odds who learn how to love each other and the winds whistling through old farmhouses, you are broken. You need something that speaks to you, but maybe with more explosions.

This is where we come in, dear reader. The Workhorsery is committed to publishing new Canadian fiction that puts thoughts in your head and a song in your heart. We are throwing ourselves into the dire world of the Canadian novel to mess the whole place up. We want to entertain you. We want to make you laugh. And most of all, we want you to walk away from one of our books with stars in your eyes.


Ask us some questions; we promise to answer you.